About Us

MBS Group is an Indian management consulting firm was commenced in the year of 2008 by three young entrepreneurs in order to provide multifarious business solution to society and industry through our diversified services.

We help firm/individual to find distinctive, lasting, and substantial solutions through our services in the field of Education Training, IT Solutions, Event Management and Marketing "Provoking Thoughts" We provoke thoughts of our client to the extent of success. What they think it's our passion to accomplish it for them through our team of expertise and diversified services. We work on their most difficult issues as our challenges. Finally we are a group of people which have both technical and industry expertise and works on challenges that leads an organization to success.

Our Vision

MBS GROUP is aiming to be the best one stop educational and industrial solution provider by 2020 and it will achieve this vision in an ethical manner by offering quality of services to clients and fare deal to its customers.

Our Belief

We believe in collaboration
We believe in client satisfaction
We believe in professionalism and team work
It shows our respect, truth and integrity to our clients and people.

Team of Professional

Our team, as our imperative asset, works with great zeal to realize the mutual interests or our organization. Our team is made of professionals including managers, consultants, business development staff, quality auditor and other workforces.

Each member in our team is selected on the basis of their domain knowledge in respective fields. To upgrade the expertise of our team we also conduct regular training exercises. It helps us to be paralleled with new changes occurring time after time in the market. Our team members are highly efficient and understand the needs of clients as precisely as possible.