Drupal | Workshop on open source enterprise content management system: Drupal


Workshop on open source enterprise content management system: Drupal

Drupal is the world's leading open source enterprise content management system (ECMS). Many of the world's top brands are leveraging Drupal to build advanced, engaging sites at a fraction of the cost of traditional ECMS. While Drupal is free and open source, there is a significant learning curve to unleashing its power. Let's solve that problem!

Curious about how Drupal works? Looking to build more engaging websites? This series is for you. Over the course of four sessions we will walk you through how to build a Drupal site from the ground up including:

i. Installing and extending Drupal
ii. Managing content, navigation and taxonomy
iii. Managing users and permissions
iv. Managing page layouts and themes
v. Introduction to advanced concepts

The workshop is a mix of lecture and hands on workshop, we will be setting you up with an actual website that you will be building during the course.

This Workshop is designed to help expose you to a world of new possibilities in web development. By the end of the course you will be familiar with fundamental Drupal concepts used in building any site.

Topics to be covered in this Workshop

A. Introduction
B. What is Content Management System?
C. Fundamentals about Drupal
D. Things need to know before installing Drupal.
E. Drupal Installation
F. How to use modules to add features?
G. User Management
H. Content Management
I. Website Building (Managing page layout & themes)
J. Introduction to some advanced concepts.

Target Audience

1. Students looking to break into the ultra-hot Drupal market.
2. Anyone in publishing, entertainment, education, government or any other industries who can benefit from advanced engagement driven websites.
3. Enterprise webmasters looking for a more progressive web platform without the high cost of traditional ECMSs.
4. Sales and marketing managers looking for better ways to build brand, generated sales and engage and retain customers.
5. SMB owners looking to build an industry leading web presence. Non-profit managers looking to modernize their website to best engage constituents build community and drive contributions.


The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with six hours session each day in a total of twelve hours.


A 'Certificate of Participation' by HoriZON (An Unit of MBS Group) to all Participants of this workshop. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Merit'.


Basic knowledge HTML, Internet is required.


Rs. 1000/- (inclusive of all Taxes) per participant.