SKYCRAFT | Workshop on Radio-Controlled plane Design & Flying


RC Aircraft Design and Flying Workshop

The SkyCraft- RC Aircraft Design and Flying Workshop is aimed at participants with diverse background with an interest to learn about Aircraft. The workshop helps the participants understand complete dynamics behind airplanes, Our workshops specialize in the fact that we Instead we will introduce them to some software used in the Aircraft designing through which the Participants will design their own aircraft. Fabricate their designs and at the end of the workshop, they will see their self fabricated planes take off in the hands of our expert flyers. Innovate in the design stage, put their design into practice in the manufacturing stage and see their hard work take-off at the end.

Key Benefits:

1. Learn about Matlab Aircraft Simmulation used in DRDO & ISRO.
2. MATLAB Calculation and aircraft design.
3. Practice on flight simulator "LIVE".
4. Work on BALSA wood/Foam.
5. Spray color on plane. Design and Name

Workshop structure:

The workshop is split into 4 mod

1) Understanding Flight
2) Design
3) Fabricating planes
4) Flying

Topics to be covered in this Workshop

Module 1: Understanding Flight, Duration: 3 hours

1) What is an aircraft?
2) Forces acting on the Air craft
3) Introduction to Airfoil
4) Significance of various parts of the aircraft
5) Stability of an Aircraft
6) Structural Strength of a n Aircraft
7) Introduction to Propulsion systems
8) Aircraft Control
9) Radio Control - Transmitters and Receivers
10) Avionics - Use of electronics in Aerospace Industry
11) Aircraft Design
12) Introduction to softwares used to design a plane
13) Some aspects to be considered while designing the planes

Module 2: Aircraft Design, Duration: 3 hours

This module consist of each aspect of the plane . The participants would use the softwares introduced to the their designs. Participant use software to complete and test their plane.

Module 3: Fabricating planes, Duration: 6 hours

This is the module where participant fabricate his idea in to reality . Participant would provided by the RC kit where he has to do hands-on . Participant would fit the motors ,landing gear and other stuff to make their plane to take off. Participant would also get knowledge about safety measure , maintenance repairing of their plane.

Module 4: Flying, Duration: 2 hours

This is the module where the models designed and fabricated by the participants would be tested in necessary conditions with corrections and adjustments , our expert test their plane by flying them .

The following kit would be given to each team.

a. Engine/ Electric Motor*
b. Electric Motor Controller*
c. Propeller*
d. Transmitter*
e. Receiver*
f. Li-Po battery*
g. Servo motors*
h. Y connector
i. Landing Gear ( tail wheel)
j. Landing Gear (main)
k. Wheels
l. Balsa Wood or
m. Balsa Ply or
n. Foam or
o. Styro Foam
p. Bio Foam
q. Control Rods
r. Rubber Adhesive
s. Epoxy Glue
t. Wing Holders
u. Working Tools
v. Monokote
w. Other miscellaneous items


1. The parts marked * are not part of standard kit. These components are just for demonstration purpose only and will be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the workshop and make it affordable for students who do not want to buy the complete kit. Complete kit consists of all the above items excluding transmitter and receiver.
2. Kit will be provided in a team of 5 participants only. After hands on team will have to return kit.


Softwares used to design and test

1. RC Simulator
2. RC flying tutorials and videos

Participation Guidelines:

Each team can consist upto 5 members per team.


2 days ( 16 Hours )


A 'Certificate of Participation' by HoriZON (An Unit of MBS Group™) to all Participants of this workshop. At the end of this workshop, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Merit'.


All are Basic level workshops so there are no prerequisites. Anyone interested, can join these workshops.


Rs. 1600/- (inclusive of all Taxes) per participant
* The fee include study material, Certification, human resources and other charges.